Joey - vocals 
Joe V - guitar 
M.M. Fury - bass 
Jason - drums 

Down Low is a New York City Hardcore band with an old school sound similar to the first NY hardcore bands created in the Lower East Side of New York City back in the early 80's. The band has consistently played this traditional form of hardcore throughout their existence, despite the trend towards nu-metal, and feel that the old school sound is the way that hardcore music should be, as it was from its roots. Lyrically the Down Low deals with many kinds of social issues, as heard in Slipping From Reality and Payback, but still manages to keep a good sense of humor with tunes like  Light Up You Fuckin' Herb and Diarrhea. The Down Low formed in the Fall of 1994 and played their first show in Peekskill, NY on a large bill of popular NYC hardcore bands giving them instant recognition in the NY hard music scene. They also recorded their first self titled demo that year, and after a lot of gigging and writing, Downlow recorded for several CD compilations throughout '95 and '96, including Another Planet Records "Creepy Crawl Live" and "Bad Taste - The Brotherhood of Antigood" In 1998 Downlow returned to the studio to record the Wall of Anger CD/EP with the production help of Mike Dijan (Breakdown, Coldfront) which was released on Eyeball Records. Later that year Downlow released All My Life on a NYHC compilation CD for Triple Crown Records. The band played some landmark shows in 1998.When CBGBs did a 2-day tribute to the family of James Ray Barbieri a.k.a. Raybeez from Warzone (who passed away earlier that year) Down Low was asked to play the show and shared the spotlight with hardcore legends Sick Of It All and many others to pay tribute and respects to Raybeez and his participation and support for NYHC. Another highlight from the Summer of 1998 was playing a huge free show in Tompkins Square Park to hundreds of people, alongside many great bands including headliners Breakdown. In 1998 the band temporarily disbanded because of personal family issues and legal difficulties. After years gone by, the band members reconnected with each other and reunited in 2003 with JoeV on Guitar, MM Fury on Bass, and of course, Joey Downlow on vocals. Initially planning to play only only one gig in support of NY legends Urban Waste (making it a double reunion) Downlow decided to keep the band going and continues to gig into 2003. Free Spirit Records recently released the bands second 7", Slipping From Reality, featured the early 90's lineup of  Joey, Joe V, MM Fury, Paul, Raeph. Plans are being made to record Downlow's 2nd CD as well as a full US tour after the CD release.

Downlow continues to play hi-power, fast and intense old school hardcore music for people to enjoy and experience it the way it was it was meant to be. 
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